An elite primary school Nationalized education is conducted in the primary school with importance attached to the education of traditional Chinese culture, the root of which can be planted in children; children will be developed into globalized talents with both Chinese traditional cultural background and a globalized vision . A multiple course mode is formed because the 3G courses are arranged in the primary school department (the national course, the Chinese study course, and the international course). The characteristics of the
Pursue the quality healthily, uniqueness scientifically and happiness graciously.
Three key points in quality
Physical health No less than 1 PE class and no less than 1.5 hours of exercise time are arranged each day in the school .
Sound moral characters Beijing New Talent Academy has developed courses focusing on the 12 moral characters which exert a lifelong influence on children,such as love, honesty and understanding.
Solid foundation The tutorial system, free class-selection system and individualized education mode are adopted to find the base point of each kid in their development and lead them towards success.
Four key features
Individualized More than ten special activities are arranged appropriate to their personality and needs according to their characters and skills.
Nationalized The education of the traditional Chinese culture is attached with importance. The Chinese teaching has the root of the Chinese culture planted in the heart of students; Chinese character recognition is focused in the education of junior students. They are required to be able to recognize more than 2,000 Chinese characters and 4,500 Chinese words;The nine objectives are insisted upon in Chinese classes for senior students and the comprehensive Chinese ability is cultivated.
Globalized A bilingual teaching mode, which integrate the Chinese and Western teaching methods is adopted. Children’s abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed. Layered english classes are arranged.
Moral education integrated into daily life Moral education is integrated into daily life and the concept that life is also a class is advocated. Many courses are developed by the school, such as “Hiking”, “30-Minute Moral Education”, “Life Skills”.
Three key points in quality Happiness comes from love. All the teachers in Beijing New Talent Academy work with “love and duty”.
Happiness comes from respect. The school is full of greetings 、equal communications and homelike atmosphere .
Happiness comes from work. .Thus, Children can learn to take care of themselves in the school.
Happiness comes from colorful activities. There are about 20 special classes to meet their different interests
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